Volunteer research assistant positions

Professor Metin Basoglu seeks long-term volunteer research assistants to help him with his work, which currently involves developing research ideas (and methodology) relating to the current coronavirus pandemic, data analysis / literature review for articles in preparation, and organizing international training programs. In return, they will have an opportunity to gain familiarity with his past and present work, receive training in theory and practice of Control-Focused Behavioral Treatment (CFBT), gain experience in research and write-up of articles, and participate in his research work in planning. An opportunity to write-up articles for publication based on DABATEM’s database (data from projects completed in the past) might also be offered to assistants deemed capable of undertaking such a task. The position offers a unique opportunity for advanced training in psychological trauma, CFBT, and research methodology.

DABATEM’s office in Taksim, the town center, has now been relocated to Professor Basoglu’s home office in Zekeriyaköy – a pleasant and peaceful village located outside İstanbul close to the Black Sea – easily accessible in 45 minutes from Taksim. As he lives alone in his spacious 3-floor house, it is possible to offer free lodging to two research assistants from overseas, thereby facilitating their stay in Istanbul, minimizing their subsistence costs, while also eliminating the need to commute to and from his house during the pandemic. His house affords a pleasant environment to live and work in reasonable safety from the coronavirus pandemic due to its location in Zekeriyaköy – a much sought after countryside resort after the start of the pandemic.

Some experience in research and work with trauma survivors is desirable but not essential. Essential requirements include at least basic training in psychology (or psychiatry), fluency in both spoken and written English, high motivation for trauma-related work (both clinical and research) and aspirations for an academic career in psychological trauma, ability to learn fast, a working knowledge of SPSS, a good command of MS Office applications, and ability to hold the position for at least 2 years (preferably more).

This position is ideally suited to individuals who are open to the idea of living abroad for a few years while at the same time building up their future career in psychological trauma. If interested, contact Professor Metin Basoglu (mbasoglu@dabatem.org) for more information.