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training courseA 2-day course on Control-Focused Behavioral Treatment of trauma survivors and a cost-effective treatment dissemination model

This course is designed as an introduction to Control-Focused Behavioral Treatment (CFBT), its theoretical framework, evidence base, various clinical and field applications, and a mental healthcare model that enables cost-effective dissemination of treatment. It caters for the needs of individuals working (or considering work) with trauma survivors, particularly those who have to work with large numbers of trauma survivors (e.g. following major natural disasters, wars, widespread acts of political violence and torture, acts of terrorism) and who are therefore most likely to be in desperate need of knowledge on brief and cost-effective assessment and treatment strategies. It should be of particular interest to policy-makers, NGOs, and other national or international organizations concerned with care of survivors in the aftermath of all kinds of mass trauma events.

The course covers a learning theory approach to trauma treatment and its implications for cost-effective care of mass trauma survivors. It is important to understand that CFBT is not merely a psychotherapy program delivered in a certain number of sessions. It is a broad “empowerment” strategy that encompasses every conceivable individual or social intervention with a potential to enhance sense of control over traumatic stressors and life in general. The main aim of the course is to help the participants acquire a learning theory understanding of trauma and its treatment. While half of the course time is devoted to delivery of CFBT as a psychotherapy program, this is intended as an introductory-level training for those participants who have no previous experience with trauma survivors or exposure-based treatments. Participants with such experience, on the other hand, might find the course sufficiently informative to enable them to use CFBT in their clinical practice.

To facilitate the learning process, the training program is supplemented by a reading list of the relevant literature, a treatment protocol for CFBT, and a highly structured Treatment Delivery Manual designed to assist therapists in delivery of CFBT. Although the latter is specific to earthquake trauma in its present form, it is likely to prove useful in understanding how the treatment can be structured in work with survivors of other traumas. The course participants are also provided various screening and assessment instruments developed by DABATEM to facilitate quick identification of cases in need of treatment and regular evaluation of progress in treatment.

Course Program

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Date of forthcoming course

October 1-2, 2018

Course fees

The standard course fee is 1,000 USD + 18% VAT. The fee covers set course lunch, coffee, tea, and other beverages at the Center for the duration of the course.


Potential applicants are advised to make contact with Professor Metin Basoglu (mbasoglu@dabatem.org). Please provide your CV and answers to the questions below at first contact so that we can assess whether the course is likely to meet your training needs. This is a screening process designed to ensure that all participants benefit from the course.

  • Do you have any previous experience with trauma survivors? If yes, please briefly describe its nature.
  • Do you have any previous training in any form of psychotherapy (e.g. psychodynamic, cognitive, behavioral)?
  • Are you currently involved in any work with trauma survivors? If yes, please briefly describe its nature (e.g. treatment, case work, social work, etc.).
  • If you are doing any treatment work with trauma survivors, which treatments are you using?
  • What are your expectations from the course? In what ways would you like it to be useful in your future work?

Once we establish that the course is likely to meet your needs, we will let you know and you can then register for the course. Registration involves the payment of a deposit of 500 USD. The remaining amount is payable latest by the 21st of September, 2018.

Please note that the deposit is not refundable upon subsequent cancellation of registration because the course is announced open when a sufficient number of applicants have registered by paying the deposit. Therefore, please make sure before registering that you are certain in your intent and ability to participate in the course at the specified date. If the announced course is cancelled by us because of insufficient number of registered applicants, the deposit paid will be refunded.

You may choose to pay the full amount at registration. If you later decide to cancel your registration, only half of the full fee will be refunded. In the unlikely event that the course is cancelled by us for reasons noted above, the full amount will be refunded.

If you have any questions, please make sure you take a look at FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS before making first contact with us.


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