Consultancy Services

Consultancy for organizations

consultancy services

How to provide psychological care for masses of survivors?

DABATEM provides consultancy services for universities, foundations, governments, humanitarian aid agencies, trauma rehabilitation centers, and other organizations concerned with trauma survivors in any country. These include the following:

  • Policy and project development on a regional, national, or international scale
  • Development of research designs and methodology
  • Transfer of assessment and treatment technology
  • Provision of research instruments
  • Training in brief assessment and treatment methods
  • Project management and execution
  • Supervision of project progress
  • Data analysis and write-up and publication of results
  • Any other consultancy service requiring DABATEM’s expertise and knowledge

Consultancy for individuals

DABATEM receives frequent requests for help from individual researchers nationally and internationally who are planning research projects for dissertation or publication purposes. Such requests are often made in the expectation of free service from DABATEM staff.  Please note that consultancy services for individual researchers are NOT provided for free, because the staff members are very busy and such requests in aggregate cost them considerable amount of time. Like all income generated from consultancy services and training programs , these fees are used to support the Center’s research program.

Interested applicants are advised to provide a brief synopsis of their research ideas / projects and detail the nature and extent of help they need.  Needs often vary from one-off assessment or guidance on a research idea or project in planning to regular supervisory input throughout the various phases of a project, including guidance in data analysis, manuscript preparation, and publication. It is important to note that DABATEM staff do not get involved in the execution of the work itself; they only provide guidance and commentary on various aspects of research projects.  As the fees charged depend on the nature and extent of consultancy and the time input of the staff, this information is essential for costing out a particular service.

Contact Professor Metin Basoglu (mbasoglu@dabatem.org) for more information.