DABATEM is an independent international research center in Istanbul with expertise in the field of mass trauma.  It is founded in 1995 by Professor Metin Basoglu, MD, PhD and currently directed by Assoc. Professor Ebru Salcioglu, PhD. It conducts research into mental health effects of mass trauma, such as wars, natural disasters, political violence, and torture. Its aims are

(1) to promote a better understanding of various issues in mass trauma that are of significance to mental and public health professionals, social and political scientists, human rights workers, international law experts, policy makers, and governmental and nongovernmental organizations concerned with care of survivors,

(2) to develop a mental healthcare model for mass trauma survivors that can be cost-effectively delivered on a largely self-help basis, and

(3) to promote an evidence-based approach in the field of psychological trauma.

In the last 20 years DABATEM has completed more than 40 projects, altogether involving about 15,000 survivors of earthquakes, war, and torture trauma. These studies led to the development of Control-Focused Behavioral Treatment (CFBT) – a largely self-administered intervention designed to reduce traumatic stress by enhancing sense of control over distressing trauma memories or fear-evoking trauma reminders. Several innovative applications of CFBT have been developed for earthquake survivors, including Single-Session CFBT, Earthquake Simulation Treatment, and self-administered CFBT. A structured Treatment Delivery Manual has also been developed to assist care providers in effective delivery of the treatment.

Based on CFBT principles, DABATEM has also developed a mental healthcare model that facilitates cost-effective dissemination of effective psychological care to large numbers of mass trauma survivors.

This website is designed to disseminate knowledge gained from all studies conducted to date. Articles on various topical issues concerning natural disasters, wars, and torture can be found in Metin Basoglu’s Blog.


Earthquake Simulation Treatment

Earthquake simulation treatment

An imaginative depiction of Earthquake Simulation Treatment by José Carlos Fernandes (Courtesy of JCF)

Overcoming earthquake trauma

Single-session treatment of earthquake survivors using an earthquake simulator

Single-session treatment in an earthquake simulator

A self-help manual for earthquake survivors

A self-help manual for earthquake survivors